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Keep your pets safe during the Christmas holidays!


Dearest VetSetGo clients,

As the holidays are approaching, let me share
with you a couple of highlights of what to look out for during the
holiday season and at the end of this summary please find our opening hours for Christmas and New Year.

Please also feel free to let me know if you need any help or advice from myself regarding anything.

Kindest regards and wishing you happy holidays, Borbala Vaczy, VetSetGo


Risky treats

As much as we like to indulge in various tasty treats during our
celebrations, let’s make sure that our pets only have access to foods that are not harmful to them. Below is an incomplete list of ingredients you don’t want your furry companion to get their paws on:


xylitol (sweetener many people use these days in an attempt to avoid sugar; it can also be found in store-bought sweets and gum)

onions, garlic

bones (especially long ones that break sharp or small enough ones to swallow in whole)

chocolate (the darker the worse!)


macadamia nuts


Dangerous ornaments

The festive season implies using decorations we do not use other times of the year, therefore our pets might be curious to find out what they are all about and put themselves in a dangerous situation while playing explorer. Here are a couple of examples:

pine trees (needles might cause injury, irritation or intestinal obstruction)

tinsels (intestinal obstruction – long, thin foreign bodies like these
can cause the most devastating and life threatening kinds of intestinal blockage)

fairy lights (intestinal obstruction, electrocution)

glass baubles


poisonous plants (eg mistletoe, poinsettia, ivy, holly)


Unwelcome guests

What we think of the least is the stress factor associated with the holidays – no, not only for ourselves, but for our pets too. What looks like a bunch of merry friends to you, gathering together to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, having a couple of drinks and tasty meals, to your timid cat or dog might appear like a bunch of noisy strangers having invaded their home for hours on end. Not to mention if small kids come along as well that would like to play with the cute doggie or kitty, but haven’t been taught how and are also not supervised.

The more guests we have over, the more likely that the above or every day sources of danger (like potentially poisonous painkiller pills, eg ibuprofen or paracetamol) are left accessible to our pets. So please be vigilant if you have many guests over and provide a safe space for your pet they can retreat to if they so wish.


Closed: 18-26th December. On other days open as normal, Mon-Fri 10-18.00