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What you can do in the summer heat for the safety and comfort of your furry, feathery or scaly friends

– Provide shade

– Provide fresh water, take some on walks too

– Don’t walk your dogs on hot concrete

– Avoid heavy exercise

– Don’t leave your animals in cars

– Don’t let your cats out unsupervised, or at least make sure they are able to come back in anytime

– Provide cooling mats or cold surfaces to lay on, like kitchen tiles

– Use fans, air conditioning

– Sprinkle cool water on them or into a fan directed at them

– You can offer them ice cubes

– Pay special attention to the young and the elderly, as well as the health compromised (pets with spinal or nerve compression, epilepsy, short noses, respiratory or heart disease) – their heat intolerance and sensitivity to weather fronts might be greater than that of others

– Have fun! Warm weather and summer are fun if you take the necessary precautions.