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We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that every pet is cared for the best way possible.

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Well equipped

Even though we are small, we are proud to have all the modern equipment necessary to be able to provide quality at home care for your pet friend. From our tiny, modern, wireless ultrasound machine that can scan your pet’s belly (or even lumps) for diagnostics and sampling, through our handy WiFi otoscope that allows you to watch a live video with us of the ear canal of your pooch, cat or rabbit.
To the very basics of blood pressure measurements, clinical diagnostics, first line treatments and various lab sampling (blood, skin scrapes, fine needle aspiration of lumps, etc), we can do so much in your home environment, reducing the stress your pet goes through by a considerable amount.

Home Visits

Did you know that most routine, ambulatory consultations at a vet practice do not necessarily require a hospital setting? In my experience most owners are more than brilliant aids in restraining and soothing their animals for examinations and treatments (some animals that suffer from anxiety are actually far better behaved when their owner is present). Being able to stay at home and let a vet come to see your poorly animal instead (in instances where this is medically possible) is not only far less stressful for you and your pet, but also helps building a good relationship between both pet and owner.
(Your dog, cat or small furry will not have the negative experience of you taking them to a place that stresses them out, like a hospital) and also between pet and vet (the vet enters the animal’s territory, and not the other way around, therefore they are far less intimidating). Not to mention the fact that when we are ill, we also would just like to curl up in a ball in our beds, instead of having to travel to and wait at A&E, if that is not absolutely necessary. Our home visits allow your pet to do just that.

All ages are loved and appreciated

No matter, if big or small, young or old, well groomed or scruffy looking, all animals deserve the best personalized care and attention, and this is exactly what we are thriving to give them. Do not be surprised if I talk to your fur babies almost as much as I do to you. It is important that we become friends (as much as they are willing) for me to be able to carry out the most procedures necessary with their cooperation and with the least amount of stress inflicted on them.

Also, as good practice, we focus on prevention just as much as on treatment to avoid problems, and to pick up on little signs of abnormalities on time.

We have health plans and packs any age group can benefit from – from regular or senior health plans to puppy/kitten packs. With these, for a reduced overall price, you can provide the best start in life for your little rascals, and then regular check ups to keep an eye on the health of your adult or older animals.

We've got you covered

Does your dog have sore ears or itchy skin? Does your cat have problems peeing? Is your old animal coughing a lot recently? Has your old cat got skinny and hyperactive? We are here for you to help. While these symptoms all sound suggestive, you can rest assured, we will not jump to conclusions. The vet’s job is not to look at your animal and instantly tell you what the problem is – but we have to know how to find out. Open discussion of possible causes of illness, options for diagnostics and treatment, basically, involving you in the whole process of your pet’s healing is key to success.

It is not about giving you a bottle of medication with no explanation (which, I am sure, you have experienced before at the vets, or at your doctor’s office). You will always know our thought process, what our recommendations are and why. You are not left alone in this situation, always welcome to ask, but similarly, we would also like to stay in the loop, and for you to keep us up to date on your pet’s progress. Our care does not end when we walk out your door.

Pet Services

As opposed to some other mobile vets we do not offer end of life service or euthanasia as a first line treatment, but only offer this service for existing clients that have gone through a work-up with us, so that we have a clear picture of what the problem is and what treatment options are, and having considered all options we have come to an informed conclusion that euthanasia is indeed in the animal’s best interest

  • Vaccinations
  • Flea and worm treatments
  • General health consultations
  • Nail clipping
  • Anal gland expressions
  • Skin, ear/eye problems
  • Minor wound management that does not require general anaesthesia
  • Checks and fine needle aspiration of lumps
  • Basic orthopaedic workup
  • Weight management advice
  • Puppy packs
  • Senior pets (regular extra tests like bloodwork, blood pressure tests, blood sugar, eye pressure checks)
  • Blood and other diagnostic laboratory tests
  • Internal medicine

Ultrasound Machine

Can have various applications, like pregnancy scans, looking for stones in the urinary tract, foreign bodies, or any abnormality in the abdomen like tumors, intestinal obstructions, abscesses.


Digital Otoscope

Makes it easier and safer to visualise the ear canal, gives a clearer picture that the owner can also see!