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Vets with a difference – What services can a mobile vet provide?

Our mobile vet service brings all the same values and standards found within traditional veterinary practice, but with a modern twist. Our primary motivation is to do what is absolutely in the best interests of our patients, and one major way we can achieve this is to see them in their own home.

You only have to enter the waiting room of a traditional vet practice to see
trembling dogs, vocal cats, and small mammals fearfully cowering in their carry baskets. So, imagine a world where in your pet’s time of need, when they are sick and feeling unsure, they needn’t leave the comfort of their own home in order to receive excellent veterinary care. Instead, they are visited by a friendly vet, and surrounded by the family they know and trust. Well, now this ideal is real and coming to you in the form of our mobile veterinary service! And there’s more; we’re independently owned!

No answering to large corporations on profit margins; we are free to deliver the high standard of veterinary care that we so pride ourselves
upon, taking all the time that we need.

Why choose a mobile vet?

We all know that pets generally get stressed at the vets. It’s no surprise if
you think about it. Take your average cat: they are highly territorial and
don’t feel at ease outside of their usual boundaries. Throw in some barking dogs and you have a recipe for one petrified puss. Even dogs, who are used to leaving the familiarity of their own environment, soon learn that they are likely to be (albeit unavoidably) examined, manhandled, maybe even stuck with a needle in these strange places that are vet practices. And as for rabbits and other small mammals, the car journey alone can cause immense stress.

Further, since the COVID-19 pandemic has turned veterinary
appointments on their head, being separated from their loving owners even for basic examination can exert a whole new level of anxiety on pets. At least previously they had their owner with them to hold their paw through the experience. Add into the mix the weird whiff of veterinary disinfectants, the noise from barking dogs, the smell of illness, and the nervous energies exuded by all the other pets in the vicinity – it’s no wonder that we end up with a waiting room (or car park) filled with shivering wrecks.
Not so with a mobile vet; we are just another visitor to the house. One who sits and, seemingly casually, discusses a pet’s problems like any other conversation that is had among friends. Both patient and owner are relaxed and as a result we get a great deal more useful information from both your pet and you.


How is veterinary care actually impacted by anxiety?

When we examine your pet, we take note of a whole range of things that can be affected by anxiety. For example, even very basic parameters such
as heart rate and respiration rate can be altered by stress. Yet these things can tell us so much about how a pet is doing. Take the cat with hypertension (high-blood pressure), for example, one whose medication may be adjusted based upon the blood pressure reading we obtain. Cats
in veterinary practice are commonly stressed and stress can increase blood pressure. So, you can see how an environment conducive to showing a pet in their truest state can help us to assess, diagnose and even treat problems more appropriately. And we feel that the home environment offers just this opportunity. As do facemask-free examinations, whereby the patient is allowed to see and read our calm  facial expressions as vets and owners; just yet another simple and effective way of putting them at ease.

Other benefits to in-home veterinary care include the sense of teamwork
that it can inspire. We see you in your home, we see the environment your pet is living in, and we can help tailor a more holistic approach to their care and recovery. Veterinary care is at it’s best when you as the pet’s owner are fully involved, and we strive for open, honest and proactive relationships with our clients.

So, what do we offer?

We offer many of the usual veterinary services: vaccinations, health examinations, parasite control, nail clipping, minor wound management, lump assessment, weight clinics, blood and urine diagnostics, ear examination and ultrasound scanning to name a few. If your pet is in need, please just ask

What don’t we offer?

We value our patients as sentient beings who deserve the right to a dignified end. Knowing that euthanasia is absolutely the right decision for a pet is integral to this. Therefore, we don’t view euthanasia necessarily as a first-line solution to a pet’s ills. Instead, we prefer to take some time and make some effort to understand the cause of a pet’s illness, employing ethical and appropriate diagnostic techniques in order to do so.
Only then, can we truly deliver compassionate euthanasia and whole heartedly feel that we have acted in the best interests of a pet.

Get in touch

We would love to get to know you and your pets and to explain more about what we do. If your pet is in need of routine health care, a general check-up, or if you would like to register with us so that we’re good to go in their time of need, please give us a call!